Sunday, January 17, 2016

Makeup:New products

For  what has actually been  a few months now I knew that E.L.F cosmetics was coming out with a line of Disney pallets which I have only seen sold at Walgreen locations,and not every location. If I am correct they where not even sold on their website. So far I have not seen any other products other than the Frozen,Little Mermaid,Princess Jasmine,Snow White,Belle, and Sleeping Beauty.
I did however see the Cinderella products on the Walgreens website I noticed they where not  an E.L.F product even tho they look exactly like the other products released. I do have to admit that the packaging is very cute so I did have to go ahead and pick that up
the pictures below show the Cinderella makeup-book and the face and body 
 illuminator on my way there I also picked up one of the Milani Cosmetics rose blushes. I still need to do swatches on all the products to see if they are any good.